Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Last Airbender

Ok... July 4th weekend. Spending it alone in Long Beach, CA. Thought I'd see a movie or two.

I spent $21 bucks. 9 on the movie (thank God for matenés) and 12 on popcorn and a drink.

The special effects were ok.

The water effects reminds me of The Abyss and that was how long ago? But then again how much can you improve on water effects.

The fire was nothing exceptional either. Except when the uncle made fire on his hands. The close up was cool.

3D... am I missing something? You can't watch the movie without the glasses, so I don't know but it really doesn't seem all that spectacular. Maybe it is because the movie was transferred to 3D and not shot in 3D. Time will have to tell.

The not so special effects... The benders tattoo seemed to move. Anything from the bridge of his nose to almost a half inch above his eyebrows. I would think since his tattoo was a major part of his identity, everyone would be on making sure it DIDN'T MOVE! Sheesh!

'We have to go' was the drinking phrase of the movie. And a big part of the mellow drama/over acting.

Do yourself a favor. Wait for the DVD. A buck on Red Box and 20 on you favorite cocktail will make a better evening than what I did.

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