Monday, June 25, 2007


Note:I wrote this June 14th. Today it has come to pass.

Wikipedia says;
an interpersonal relationship between humans
Merriam and Webster says;
1 a : one attached to another by affection or esteem b : ACQUAINTANCE
Wiktionary says;
A person other than a family member, spouse or lover whose company
one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection.

I don’t know about the affection part, maybe ‘a connection’…

We make friends at home, in our neighborhoods. We make friends at functions or organizations we belong to, like church, the gym and of course (for me) the PGR. And we make friends at work. All of these friendships take time to develop, to form.

I have a friend, here at work, that I’ve known for about 2 years. Our friendship is new. We’re not “close friends’ (what ever that means) We’ve met each others better halves, but not been to each others house. I don’t think we’ve even had lunch. But this friend is strong, makes a decision and sticks to it. Knows who they are and they’re proud. Pride is a miss leading term in today’s society. Their pride is evident but not ‘puffy’.

I have recently found out that this friend may be leaving, heading home. Although I am happy that this long desired move may make things better, I will miss our conversations. Our sharing of some new restaurant, laughing at the characters in a new movie and talking about the South.

My Friend – Know that you will be missed and thought of often. Be well, be happy, be yourself.


B. Miller said...


I don't even know what to say, besides thank you, my friend.

I'll miss you, but I KNOW we'll keep in touch. And now you have an excuse to ride your bike through the Blue Ridge!!! :-)

Take care (I know you will), and most of all, be KIND to yourself - you deserve it.


DNR said...

You're welcome. Remember, I know where you blog...

Anonymous said...

All best to the both of you.

Keep the shiny side up