Friday, June 19, 2015

30 Second Theatrical Event

I hate commercials.

I record TV.  I do not watch commercials, except for the Super Bowl.  I almost never watch live TV, even the Super Bowl.  If I find something new I want to watch I'll set it to record and go find something else to do.  Piddle in the garage or kitchen; play with the dogs; anything but watch commercials.

I don't think I am abnormal in this passion.  Consequently, advertisers have a challenge, make a 30 second 'show' that catches your attention before you fast forward the show or has something visually catching that makes you stop, rewind and watch the commercial.  I appreciate the effort.  After all, my TV time is all about being entertained and if the Madison Ave folks can do this in a commercial, so be it.  I am entertained.

I have seen a local automobile dealership has taken the approach that you can't fast-forward immediately when a show breaks and rarely do you stop on the instant a show comes back on.  In other words, even I end up seeing the first 3-5 seconds of the first commercial and last 3-10 seconds of the last commercial.  This dealership has a ≈15 second commercial campaign that is the first and last commercial in a break. I end up seeing both… I do not remember the dealerships name so, fail.  But good effort, I do appreciate the creative and new approach.

My dislike for commercials extends to music.  I pay for XM and have hours of MP3s that I listen to regularly. I even dislike the XM DJs touting their other shows on other XM stations.  I mean, I paid for music.  Quit. Talking. XM and Pandora keep me informed as to new music.  If I only listed to my MP3s, I'd never hear the new stuff, right.  So some commercials get to me.

Again, in appreciation of the challenge advertisers have for getting my attention, one has my attention.  The 2015 US Open.  Listening to Pandora, the commercial has no words, just sounds.  There is a video.  And a 5 second snippet of 'We're An American Band' by Grand Funk.  I was so intrigued that I had to click rapidly over to the Pandora window next time so I could watch it.  I've watched it a few times now.

I remember the advertiser.  I am talking about the commercial.  I BLOGGED about the commercial. Success. 

I have been entertained.