Monday, March 17, 2014

Random thought while traveling

I had dinner at Kenny's in Dallas last night. Hickory smoked Makers Mark is exceptionally good. The house special drink is a smoked Makers Old Fashion. I love Old Fashions.  Highly recommend both.

30,000 foot sun sets are always awesome.  i took a couple pictures of one heading west from Dallas. (picture pending) Not to get to techie on you but it is full spectrum plus red shift from the atmosphere, almost a rainbow.

Planes should not have leather seats... or is it just me? Maybe, I'm a sweater (not the knitted kind, hahaha). If I walk 100 yds in 76 degree weather, I'll be dripping wet. I don't put a coat on until it gets below 20 degrees and then only if I'm going to be out in it for a bit.
Leather seats... within 20, minutes on a plane my ass is sweating. And my back. Itchy. Hot. Very uncomfortable. If they insist on leather seats they should cool them.
It is, after all, all about me. LOL!