Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Year Ago Today

No, not a bolgaversery, but it was the beginning.

***flashback August 12, 2006***

The PGR had just finished a parade in N. Manchester, IN. My wife and Dazd had come from a SAR demo to the parade in time to participate. In September of ’06 I had been with the PGR for 7 months. I must say I have never felt more welcome or more surrounded by friends. And yes, that includes any church I have ever been in. As it turned out, Dazd felt the same, even though this was his first ‘mission’.

After the parade and before September 25, 2006, Dazd had written these (here & here) about his experiences. The writing was fantastic. I was enthralled. And I read comments... I went back into his archives and read more. I was fascinated.

I was reading the commenter’s blogs and, assuming the post were real, getting to know some of these people. I remember thinking, “These people are friends some are almost like family”.

***jump to September 25, 2006***
It didn’t seem like many days after the parade that our phone rang, late... near mid-night if I remember correctly. Missus Dazd was calling... Dazd was in the hospital, he had a heart attach.

My missus agreed to inform some of their mutual friends and I was going to let the PGR folks know. Dazd had connected with many of them and had joined the group.

Who would tell Dazd's online friends what had happened. I volunteered.

I posted “hey, he’s ok but...” messages on MrsJ (she's blog AWOL right now) and Janet’s sites. Freddie may have been in there to. I knew nothing about bloging or the blog-o-sphere. I think I learned pretty fast.

That is, more or less, how I got started and why.


I'd tell (ask) you to go over and wish him a happy anivesery buuut I think it's a day he'd rather forget. He has said something about having a head ache today so maybe you can go just wish him well.



Dazd said...

Well blogson, I had one resting in the hopper in case I felt the need to post. I hope no one is disappointed in it.

You, my friend, ar a fine example of humanity and proof it still exists.

Dazd said...

And For the Love of G*D!!!!

My typos....arrrrrrgh

hukd on foniks werkd fer mi.

Kat said...

Wonderful post...

Anonymous said...

I remember how grateful I was when you told us what was going on.

I've probably said this before, but I'm honored to count you and Dazd among the friends I've never met.

DNR said...

Dazd - see you Saturday.

Kat - thanks!!

Freddie - flattery will get you anything!!