Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Have I Done???

Gawd!! I hate not having facial hair. I hadn't trimmed the ol goatee since about April... then WHACK. I cut the whole thing off. Yuck!! And don't ya just love the double chin??


Sparrow said...

I'm sure you look adorable! And I've learned when you smile, your double chin disappears -- it's MAGIC!

DCsporty said...

So.....was it worth it?

Jan said...

Don't you just feel half-nekkid without the beard? :)

Kat said...

"And I've learned when you smile, your double chin disappears -- it's MAGIC!"

Sparrow -- that doesn't work for me, somehow. :( Drat.

DNR -- what'd ya do that fer?? No worries -- it'll grow back! :)

qofd said...

What's wrong with the second picture? I like you without the beard too!

Dazd said...

WTF?!?!?! Your beard get caught in the blender or what?

If you didn't rip out the roots, it'll grow back.

CavMom said...

Ya need to give us a before and after picture with you smiling.

(it will only hurt for a little while)

Nancy said...

My dad had to shave his beard because of some safety issues where he worked.

When he finished, his youngest grandchild at the time climbed up into his lap, patted his chin and said.."Put it back Paw-Paw. Put it back"....

LL said...

Looks fine.

Why did you do it? I mean all the way down? Why not just trim it back?

And I agree with everyone, you CAN smile, you know.

og said...

Hah! it'll grow back.

DNR said...

Sparrow – Adorable? Riiight.

DC – NO!!

Jan - big time, even fully nekkid

Kat – I had a wild hair, it already has.

Queen – Thanks, you’re too kind.

Dazd – BAWhahahha!! I’m growing it back now!

CavMom – I am smiling.

Nancy – I can relate, I looked in the mirror and said the same thing.

LL – should have just trimmed it. Shaving it off was... stupid. I am smiling... now!!

Og – Fugly, ain’t I?