Monday, September 24, 2007

WOW!! What a Ride!!

Life's is not a journey to the grave; to arrive safely in a well preserved body, but rather, to skid in broadside, totally worn out, penniless, and severely scarred shouting "HOLY FUCK.....WHAT A RIDE!!!"

The past week was... stressful. I decided to ‘ride’ Friday after work to clear my mind. It works, it’s great. I had to run home first and check on a couple things... so I didn’t get out on the road until 7.

“A Ride” – I have recently come to find out that what I call a ride and what others call a ride seem to be very different. Most people go 10-15 miles. Cruise around their neighborhoods, explore some other neighborhoods. With the speed limits, they are gone 20-40 min. I ‘ride’ (especially if it is a clear my head ride) with two basic philosophies. 1 – It’s not the destination, it’s the ride. Basically just go. No plans, no place I ‘have’ to be, just riding to ride. 2 – Sometimes it takes a full tank of gas to clear your head.

Number 2 is a big one for me, I left at 7, got home about 11:30. Rode 135 miles. Not quite a tank of gas but 90% of it anyway. Cleared my head well. On the last 40-50 miles I caught up with a Porsche. We ‘raced’ along at 80-90 miles per hour down I-69. Me leading, him leading. Running in and out of traffic. It WAS A BLAST!!

I am aware that this ‘pushing the edge’ stuff is part of who I am (lots of reflecting this weekend). The adrenalin is... cool. I enjoy it.

Sooo... If I have another close call, I’ll try to post it here, not looking for sympathy. Just to give you all the opportunity to say ‘told you so’. And to give me an outlet for some of this adrenalin.

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qofd said...

Sometimes it takes a full tank of gas to clear your head.

A man after my own heart.

DNR said...

Queen - Thanks!! Sometimes I just gotta ride!!!

ARTEMIS said...

Spoken like a true biker. That's what we love about you.