Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Called my dad for father's day.  Granted it was a day late.  He didn't seem to mind.  My kids didn't call me.  They texted.  Nick texted "it's too loud where I am, or I'd call", Aaron was reminded by my wife.


I don't think me and my dad talked for 5 minutes.  He interrupted me talking about what I was into and where I was traveling to this week (Chicago and Minneapolis for work) to ask me to do him a favor.  I was almost giddy.  'Anything dad, what do you need' ran through my head.


He told me to lose weight.  Said at my age I was risking a heart attack and he didn't want to have to bury me.  Said it isn't supposed to happen that way.  I felt like was hit in the gut with a basketball.  I was stunned, angry, offended.  Still am. (I hope writing this will help me calm down.  My heart is still pounding.)  All I could say was "ok, tell you what, you work on bringing up your sugar up and I'll work on losing weight".  He said it didn't work that way, said I was too heavy, told me to have a nice day, said good bye and hung up.




Clean your plate

There are starving kids in China

You're such a big boy, eating 2 plates

You want to grow big and strong don't you?




I know.  I know.  He cares, right?

Still, we don't talk except for once or twice a year.  After his sugar episode in Atlanta, I thought I'd go visit him for father's day. Be a good son.  Kinda glad I didn't now, knowing this was going to be on his agenda.


Yes, I'll feel like crap if something happens.