Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Called my dad for father's day.  Granted it was a day late.  He didn't seem to mind.  My kids didn't call me.  They texted.  Nick texted "it's too loud where I am, or I'd call", Aaron was reminded by my wife.


I don't think me and my dad talked for 5 minutes.  He interrupted me talking about what I was into and where I was traveling to this week (Chicago and Minneapolis for work) to ask me to do him a favor.  I was almost giddy.  'Anything dad, what do you need' ran through my head.


He told me to lose weight.  Said at my age I was risking a heart attack and he didn't want to have to bury me.  Said it isn't supposed to happen that way.  I felt like was hit in the gut with a basketball.  I was stunned, angry, offended.  Still am. (I hope writing this will help me calm down.  My heart is still pounding.)  All I could say was "ok, tell you what, you work on bringing up your sugar up and I'll work on losing weight".  He said it didn't work that way, said I was too heavy, told me to have a nice day, said good bye and hung up.




Clean your plate

There are starving kids in China

You're such a big boy, eating 2 plates

You want to grow big and strong don't you?




I know.  I know.  He cares, right?

Still, we don't talk except for once or twice a year.  After his sugar episode in Atlanta, I thought I'd go visit him for father's day. Be a good son.  Kinda glad I didn't now, knowing this was going to be on his agenda.


Yes, I'll feel like crap if something happens.


Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Haha. This was me just before I got married. My Dad said something simular and I said what you were thinking right back at him. But you know something? He was right and I now see that he doesn't want to bury me before himself. What kind of father wants that? In this world there are two people who care about you more than anyone else - Your mother and your father. The things they say, often comes out the wrong way, but it's because they truely love us. If you only talk to your father once a year, I find that very selfish. You sound like a great guy but without your father you wouldn't be here so ring him back and tell him you love him.. You don't want to leave those three words unsaid!! xx

Mrs Melissa Baker said...
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LL said...

Parents hurt us the most sometimes. I feel you, DNR.

Dazd said...

Well...I am speechless myself after reading this DNR. I've been there twice brother...TWICE. I agree with Mrs Baker, only a father can love you this way.

Take it as you will, DNR, just know that we all have moments of brutal honesty that still sticks in our crawls.


Pink Icing said...

Hey you, long time :)
I've come to realise not everyone is blessed with the ability to communicate easily, it doesn't mean they don't care. My Dad made comments to me and my sister when he thought we were carrying too much weight. When I was out of work for a while he said 'you do intend to get another job don't you, you are better when you work'!!
But you know what, I'd give anything to hear him call me and tell me off, so far he hasn't worked out how to call me from Heaven... :))
Just remember he is part of the reason you are the fabulous you so he did something right ;)
Take care my Blogger friend

Anonymous said...

I had to find my old blog so that I could look up other bloggers that I used to follow...Lame I know, but it is nice to read through your posts. Kind of like finding an old friend again.

I have not posted in ages... but might start again. It is a great outlet.