Friday, October 26, 2012

Random 1

That wasn't suppose to send...

I remember while I was living in California, one time when my oldest son came to visit.  He was at camp Penelton for desert warfare training...
He opened my refrigerator and remarked that it must be a guy thing cause I only had beer and meat in my fridge.
Made me laugh, makes me smile now.
He's a good kid, they're both great. I love them... love you both.

Random thoughts

In a fit of melencolly tonight, I've decided to record here some random things as they com to me.  The melincolly was about my memory.  I feel likke I'm loosing it. Names escape me often, I even forget the names of some of co-workers in mid sentence. Maybe it's just old age and everyone goes thru this, right?
Wonder if I can keep these numbered...