Monday, April 27, 2009

Inquiring Minds

So... about California...

It is a small company. Apparently they have hired 2 or 3 other 'experts' and they got screwed. One nearly took them to bankruptcy.

Yea, they wanted me to work for a bit, to kinda prove myself. I did. Seems they were impressed.

Being previously scorned they are approaching me in baby steps.

The next step is for me to work for them at their place for a month, maybe two. THEN they might make me an offer for full time permanent work. Right now they want me to do a type of contract work. Making a little less than I was, even a little less than Connecticut.

Did I mention it's a small company? Yea, no benefits. None. Not even a company policy on vacation.

I'd be an awful big fish in that pond... really big.

They talk a good game. Making all kinds of promises for the future. Big promises.

I'm all wierded out. I don't know what to do... Probibaly take it. We need the money.

* * * * * *

PS - coolest thing about this BlackBerry thing is I can address menstrual rags when they show up almost immediately. How cool is that? Just a couple clicks and the stench is gone.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

All Done

Interviewing is done. Amazing how exhausting two days of question and answers can be... that or the jet lag is catching up with me.

Going to try going to West Coast Choppers in Long Beach before heading to the airport.

Wouldn't it be cool if I got to meet Jessie James?

I get home about 9 tomorrow, gonna be a long day.

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I Love Jack

Almost done with the second double (strong) Jack and Coke. I feel good. Maybe i'll actually get some sleep tonight.

One more day of interviews, then home on saturday. Looking forward to riding in the first 80 degree weekend this year.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Is it a new business model to bring in skilled people and require them to prove themselves by actually producing work or product?

I've been working on a reflector design all day... for free.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We are everywhere

It is a Steeler Nation!

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Stupid spell check. That should be traffic.

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405 105 interchange. How many levels of stopped traffic can you see?

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Yep, I'm in LA

The first class steward(es?) was doing the 'thanks for flying with us, come again thing...'. She had a deeper voice than I do. And was over 6 feet.

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Why does everyone stand up to board the plane when they call first class only?

Granted the seats in the waiting area aren't great but they are much better than sitting on the plane.

Crazy, impatient people.

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Edit 02MAY09 - because if your last and there is no more room for bags in the over head, they get checked weather you want them to or not. Fuckers!


Sitting in an airport BBQ restaurant I overheard a NWA Captain buy the lunch of 5 Navy seamen.

Warms the heart.
I had to thank him my self.


So the plan was they (execs at this company) were going to pick me up at the airport and we would go to dinner. They just called... Reserved a rental car for me and will pick me up at the hotel.

Soooo... I will be in this monkey suit all day for nothing. The longer I have it in the more chances I have to spill something on myself. I really prefer to travel comfortably in jeans.

Oh well, at least I look good. (no comments DC...Dazd)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Interview

Thursday last week an acquaintance gave me a lead to elite Lighting. I sent a resume, they called, we talked, they want to see me in person.

LA here I come. Yep, flying to Los Angles tomorrow. Fly back Saturday.

Hopefully I can send text updates while I'm gone.

I hope whatever (if) they offer me will let me stay here and not make me move to the west coast.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Vice Versa


You may remember my frequent trips to The Barn... Some of you may know of or about the Missus' trips to Camp Atterbury for training.

Well, this weekend we switched places. I went to Camp Atterbury for training and she went north to the barn. Granted she wasn't partying like I do but she was there, using The Barn as base camp and helping the local community.

I know she had a good time and some successes. I, on the other hand, was in school. Ground Search II. How to use a compass, how to look for people that might get lost... in the rain. Yea, rained all day Sunday. I got soaked.

The highlight of the weekend was going to a local Buffalo Wild Wings and watching UFC 97. Got back to the hotel about 1am. Good times!


--- overheard at lunch Saturday;

Firefighter to attractive married lady, "so, what color is your equipment?"

Dead silence at our lunch table.

A different firefighter 'whispers' loudly, "I hope it's pink"

Lady with head in hands and turning bright red says, "some is blue and I have green and yes some of it pink."

The whole table burst into laughter.

It was great.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreams... Maybe Nightmares

I had two this morning. Thursday morning. Yes I know it is nearly 2am Friday.

1 - I noticed a leak in our bed room ceiling. At least evidence of a leak. The ceiling was sagging and had that shiny wet look.

I called my wife over to see and told her not to poke it because it might rupture causing the drywall and whatever else to come falling down.

She poked it. Made a huge mess.

2 - We (me and the missus) are at some formal function with the CEO lady I interviewed with in Connecticut. She found me and said she had found her dog and cat. I was glad for her. Guess I knew they had been missing.

What I saw was this; the dog was nearly folded in half. Obviously hit by a car. Whimpering and in obvious pain. She said 'doesn't look like he is going to make it.' The cat, also hit by a car was cut open and also in obvious pain.

She had them both in a shopping cart... like you use at the grocery store.

She turned to head back into the function saying, 'they'll be dead soon enough.' And left them.

I woke up appalled.

If this is what my subconscious thinks of her, I'm really glad I did not take that job.

Sigh - why can't I just have raunchy sex dreams like normal people?

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Down Time

This weekend I burnt off some... "bad attitude".

The missus and I went to see 'Monsters vs Aliens in 3D'

This is quite the funny movie. Even in my hyper frugal state this was worth the money for the escape.

Some time Saturday morning we saw one of those behind the scenes things... you know, where they show you who does the voice for each character.

I had wanted to make a mataneé but a re-attempt at geocaching Saturday afternoon had us trapesing around in the woods too long. I learned I am WAY out of shape. Barley walked 2 miles and I was pooped. I'm not really gaining any weight on these days... Weeks... months off. Just getting soft. I need to fix that.

Where was I... oh yea, the movie.

When (If) you see it, tell me if you can't help but wonder why she ain't naked. Then there is the fiancé... Does one assume 'all' parts grew in proportion? Poor guy would be nothing more than a living dildo. I mean how long can you make raspberries before everything goes numb? Talk about 'straping a 2x4 across you ass so you don't fall in'. Maybe if he could run in place for a few minutes.

I digress... Seriously, it was a good movie. Comedy was funny, the action was sharp, the 3D was unique. And the mad scientist-cockroach having Hugh Laurie's (House from TV) voice, classic.

I recommend it. This one is even worth full price admission.

Edit 02MAY09 - Fixed spelling and spacing.

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Interview

An interview and the prospect of employment in this economy should not be depressing.

This was.

17 years with one company and 20 years in one industry it is safe to say I'm an expert. Hell, I'm on a committee that writes the test questions for lighting professionals certification.

Today I interviewed for a technicians position with an instrumentation calibration company.

It's all i'm qualified for... An entry level, just starting, shit turd over minimum wage position.

Fuck me. I want to crawl under a rock.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Another Week

I can't believe another week has passed and I'm still not posting like I should... like I want. I'm still getting the occasional comment, so I guess a few are still stopping by now and then.
Big thanks to kat, becky, nancy, tani and airmanmom - you guys make me smile. I'll be stopping by soon, promise.
Thanks to kartman, lobo and DC - you guys don't comment but I know you come by. Thanks again!

Let's see... what's been going on.

21 update - it went well. Took the kid and some of his friends and his gf to BD's Mongolian BBQ. The food there is always good. It's an 'all you can eat cook it the way you want and if you don't like it try again' place. I highly recommend it. Seems he has my endurance for alcohol. He had 1 - long island iced tea, 2 - marguita's on the rocks, 1 - peppermint schnapps about 2 ozs, and 2 - Bailey's on the rocks about 2 ozs each.
He got happy, but never really got drunk. As we were leaving he was heal-toeing a line and touching his nose. Hahaha. Spent well over a hundred dollars but hey, your baby only turns 21 once, right?

Job hunt - ya know, with CareerBuilder sending me daily updates on new job listings, i'll bet I'm sending out 10-20 resumes a week. And still nothing! I've given up on the lighting industry. Right now I'd take anything, especially if it pays decent.
I did get a lead from a guy I used to work with. Seems one of their vendors is hiring. Spoke to the owner and he is giving me an interview this Wednesday. WooHoo!! Again, I'll let you know what happens.

The other son. He didn't call today with any more details. He was at drill this weekend. I figure the COs made them stay late for one reason or another and he didn't have time. Guess i'll call him tomorrow.

The weather here Saturday was GREAT! Bright sunny all day with a high of about 65. Started out kinda cool though. It was 29 when I left the house. Went with the missus to Lafayette for a search. I rode. Had to, it had been too long again. Plus the IPG (Indiana Patriot Guard) was having a meeting in the afternoon. We are planning the 2009 rally.
I left the search about 3 and rode over to Silver Lake. The Barn. Had the meeting, some cookout food, a beer and of course a double shot.
Left about 9, made it home about midnight.
It was a great day. Got to help the wife on a missing persons case, got to spend time and eat dinner with my PGR family AND rode nearly 300 miles!

Speaking of the IPG event, you all are invited! May 8 and 9. Seriously, drop me an email and I'll get you directions. Any one questions you, just tell them you are 'DNR sent ya'. I'll bet someone hands you a beer then apologizes for you having to know me. hahaha

Till next time.
If you can't be good, be good at it!

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Barocky Road

In Honor of the 44th President of the United States , Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream has issued a new flavor, " Barocky Road .."

Barocky Road is a blend of half Vanilla, half Chocolate, and surrounded by Nuts and Flakes.

The Vanilla portion of the mix is not openly advertised and usually denied as an ingredient.

The Nuts and Flakes are all very bitter and hard to swallow.

The Cost is $100.00 per scoop.

When purchased, it will be presented to you in a large beautiful cone, but then the Ice Cream is taken away and given to the person in line behind you.

Thus you are left with an empty wallet, no change, holding an empty cone, with no hope of getting any Ice Cream.

Aren't you feeling stimulated?