Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreams... Maybe Nightmares

I had two this morning. Thursday morning. Yes I know it is nearly 2am Friday.

1 - I noticed a leak in our bed room ceiling. At least evidence of a leak. The ceiling was sagging and had that shiny wet look.

I called my wife over to see and told her not to poke it because it might rupture causing the drywall and whatever else to come falling down.

She poked it. Made a huge mess.

2 - We (me and the missus) are at some formal function with the CEO lady I interviewed with in Connecticut. She found me and said she had found her dog and cat. I was glad for her. Guess I knew they had been missing.

What I saw was this; the dog was nearly folded in half. Obviously hit by a car. Whimpering and in obvious pain. She said 'doesn't look like he is going to make it.' The cat, also hit by a car was cut open and also in obvious pain.

She had them both in a shopping cart... like you use at the grocery store.

She turned to head back into the function saying, 'they'll be dead soon enough.' And left them.

I woke up appalled.

If this is what my subconscious thinks of her, I'm really glad I did not take that job.

Sigh - why can't I just have raunchy sex dreams like normal people?

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