Friday, April 17, 2009

Down Time

This weekend I burnt off some... "bad attitude".

The missus and I went to see 'Monsters vs Aliens in 3D'

This is quite the funny movie. Even in my hyper frugal state this was worth the money for the escape.

Some time Saturday morning we saw one of those behind the scenes things... you know, where they show you who does the voice for each character.

I had wanted to make a mataneé but a re-attempt at geocaching Saturday afternoon had us trapesing around in the woods too long. I learned I am WAY out of shape. Barley walked 2 miles and I was pooped. I'm not really gaining any weight on these days... Weeks... months off. Just getting soft. I need to fix that.

Where was I... oh yea, the movie.

When (If) you see it, tell me if you can't help but wonder why she ain't naked. Then there is the fiancé... Does one assume 'all' parts grew in proportion? Poor guy would be nothing more than a living dildo. I mean how long can you make raspberries before everything goes numb? Talk about 'straping a 2x4 across you ass so you don't fall in'. Maybe if he could run in place for a few minutes.

I digress... Seriously, it was a good movie. Comedy was funny, the action was sharp, the 3D was unique. And the mad scientist-cockroach having Hugh Laurie's (House from TV) voice, classic.

I recommend it. This one is even worth full price admission.

Edit 02MAY09 - Fixed spelling and spacing.

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