Monday, April 06, 2009

Another Week

I can't believe another week has passed and I'm still not posting like I should... like I want. I'm still getting the occasional comment, so I guess a few are still stopping by now and then.
Big thanks to kat, becky, nancy, tani and airmanmom - you guys make me smile. I'll be stopping by soon, promise.
Thanks to kartman, lobo and DC - you guys don't comment but I know you come by. Thanks again!

Let's see... what's been going on.

21 update - it went well. Took the kid and some of his friends and his gf to BD's Mongolian BBQ. The food there is always good. It's an 'all you can eat cook it the way you want and if you don't like it try again' place. I highly recommend it. Seems he has my endurance for alcohol. He had 1 - long island iced tea, 2 - marguita's on the rocks, 1 - peppermint schnapps about 2 ozs, and 2 - Bailey's on the rocks about 2 ozs each.
He got happy, but never really got drunk. As we were leaving he was heal-toeing a line and touching his nose. Hahaha. Spent well over a hundred dollars but hey, your baby only turns 21 once, right?

Job hunt - ya know, with CareerBuilder sending me daily updates on new job listings, i'll bet I'm sending out 10-20 resumes a week. And still nothing! I've given up on the lighting industry. Right now I'd take anything, especially if it pays decent.
I did get a lead from a guy I used to work with. Seems one of their vendors is hiring. Spoke to the owner and he is giving me an interview this Wednesday. WooHoo!! Again, I'll let you know what happens.

The other son. He didn't call today with any more details. He was at drill this weekend. I figure the COs made them stay late for one reason or another and he didn't have time. Guess i'll call him tomorrow.

The weather here Saturday was GREAT! Bright sunny all day with a high of about 65. Started out kinda cool though. It was 29 when I left the house. Went with the missus to Lafayette for a search. I rode. Had to, it had been too long again. Plus the IPG (Indiana Patriot Guard) was having a meeting in the afternoon. We are planning the 2009 rally.
I left the search about 3 and rode over to Silver Lake. The Barn. Had the meeting, some cookout food, a beer and of course a double shot.
Left about 9, made it home about midnight.
It was a great day. Got to help the wife on a missing persons case, got to spend time and eat dinner with my PGR family AND rode nearly 300 miles!

Speaking of the IPG event, you all are invited! May 8 and 9. Seriously, drop me an email and I'll get you directions. Any one questions you, just tell them you are 'DNR sent ya'. I'll bet someone hands you a beer then apologizes for you having to know me. hahaha

Till next time.
If you can't be good, be good at it!

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Nancy said...

'Pup actually found his job through a "jobs ministry".. a church here in Houston with a lot of retired execs decided to get together and help people get jobs. Bless them!