Monday, August 18, 2008

Damn Fair Skin

I swear, I gotta be carcinoma walking.

Went out riding with the wife yesterday, thought it would be for an hour or so... but Noooo. We were out for most of the day.

I look like a lobster! With white sunglasses.

Thank God for aloe gel.

Nobody touch me for a few days, k?

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Kat said...

I hear ya there... I am ALWAYS getting sunburned.

Few weeks back, I went to a mission in the town next to was about a billion degrees that day (OK, maybe only 101-ish). I had the foresight to remember to put on sunscreen (which I usually forget) AND carry a rag with me to wipe off my face (having found that sunscreen STINGS when it runs into your eyes, LOL). Well, after a day of repeatedly mopping off my forehead, I got home and looked in the mirror. None of my face was sunburned...EXCEPT for my forehead...which was about the same shade as a lobster. Yeah, pretty freakish-looking, LOL!