Monday, February 16, 2009

It Has Been A While

It is nearly 2330 hours and I can't sleep. I wish I could say I forgot what this is like but...alas. I remember it all to well. See, I'm suppose to get up at 0130 tomorrow and ride to escort SSG Jason Burkholder.

I don't even know the whole story... Buy I do know he was killed in action, fighting for freedom. He is to be buried in Ohio tomorrow, and there was a memorial service in Illinois yesterday.

I almost didn't go. I made an excuse, argued it was too short a notice... Too cold... Too far to ride just to 'escort'. But I have to, I have to go. There is no excuse.

I have other things I could be doing... Should be doing. I have to do this. Much to the irritation of those I have an appointment with tomorrow, I may ride to the Ohio line. I may have to.

It is a heart thing and truly, I mean with no disrespect, if you do not already understand, I cannot explain it.

God be with all of the riders that will be out early tomorrow. And God bless the Burkholder family. I pray that you rest a bit easier, knowing that Jason is in my thoughts and I will not forget him.
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