Tuesday, June 02, 2009


That's me.

I went to Wal-Mart here the other day to get some supplies. You know, soap, paper towels, butter and such.

Anyway, standing in the checkout line I started looking around. First of all, the place was packed. Must have been 20 open register lines and all of them had at least 3 people waiting in line. It was packed like Christmas in Indiana. As I was scanning the crowd, just taking in the scenery, it hit me... black hair. OMG everyone here has black hair. That got me looking and I actually did find one guy with a ball cap on that might have had lighter hair.

Everyone else was latino or asian. I was the only 'white' guy.

The trend even carries on here to the new office. I AM the only white guy. There is one guy, Jesus, with red-black hair and the bleached blond/red latinos don't count.

Here it's not just appearance. It's language too. The owners speak hebrew, a couple guys in the office and a couple on the factory seem to speak it too. Then of course there is the spanish. In the middle of phone conservations they (the latinos) change back in fourth like it's the same language. On top of that, I know I've heard korean (seen it come off the printer too).

It really is amazing to listen to this modern day melting pot of cultures mix and enter act.

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