Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Real Post - Pizza

I’m about caught up on my blog reading, so now it’s time for a real post.

Been in Chicago again. I got tagged (not in a meme way) by my bosses boss to do a presentation during a 2 day training class last week. She gave me 2 full days to get ready… Needless to say, I was freaking out. I’m by no means a pro or real comfortable at public speaking, but I’ll do it, would actually like to do more of it. Ended up staying at work till almost 8:30 Monday night putting the finishing touches on my slides (gotta love Power Point). Actually spoke for an hour, general consensus was, it was good. Looking back I know I left some parts out, oh well, shit happens.

The real post –

I love pizza. I could live off pizza. Hot dripping cheese with most any topping for dinner or lunch and cold for breakfast. The mix of flavors like onions and sausage or onions and tomatoes; lone flavors like sausage only or onions only; then of course there is the “everything pizza”. If ever an over used phrase fit a situation, ‘it’s all good’ fits pizza.

Caveat – In my old(er) age, I’ve developed an allergy to shell fish. So, that stuff is off. Never did like oysters and calamari is just nasty. I guess it is the fishy smell… sometimes you can hold your nose but not always, sometimes it is worth it… (this is gonna go down hill fast. I’ll stop now)

We went to a Chicago pizza place that bragged about real old style Chicago Pizza. The sauce was good, big chunks of tomatoes in it and a wonderful smell of fresh garlic. Way too much bread though. We had one with pepperoni and one with pepperoni and sausage. The crust was almost an inch thick. I was the only one that picked it up to eat it, the other guys were cutting it with a knife and fork!! That is nearly blasphemous, cutting and eating pizza with a knife and fork, I never.

We’ve had a couple New York style Pizzerias open here in the last year or so. You know the places; sell pizza by the slice, drips grease off the back and down your arm if you’re not careful. Now that’s PIZZA! Crust so thin you have to fold it in half. Give me pepperoni, mushrooms and x-cheese and a six pack of something and I’m good.


Ordinary Janet said...

You are so cruel. I'm going to be salivating for three days now. *sobbing* Next time, keep the pizza thoughts to yourself, please.

Freddie said...

You've just made me hungry for a deep-dish, stuffed, Chicago style pizza. Been too long...

B Matthews said...

My three Indy pizza places:

Bazbeaux - thin, crispy, crunchy crust, doesn't flop when you pull it out of the box, great fresh-made light sauce with small chunks of tomatoes, their plain cheese goes AMAZINGLY WELL with Blue Moon Beer...

Puccini's - Thicker sauce and not quite so crispy as Bazbeaux. A little greasier too, but very, very filling and their ingredients are awesomely fresh. My favorite is a pepperoni-mushroom-and-bacon.

Bella - This is a tiny little New York style pizza place in Carmel. My god, it's good. Everything you want in a drippy, greasy, fold-over and stuff in your mouth, eat with a pitcher of beer pizza!

Great post, DNR! Now I know what I want for dinner!!!