Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bloggers Anonymous

Hey everyone!! My name is DNR, I’m a blog-aholilc.
It’s been 15 days (9 if you count the troll) since my last real post.
*crowd says “Hi DNR”*

Gawd, I’ve missed you guys!! Work is so far up my ass, I have to ask my boss if I can take a shit.

Jeese, I have 167 unread posts on my blog reader...Og has 22, Tanker Brothers have 22, Vinegar and Honey has 18. Even Freddie had 9 or something ( I read those yesterday ;) ) Looks like I have some serious reading to do... and a serious post or two.

I need a way to dictate posts, I swear, I can recite a 30 min read in the car going home but then never have time to put it to paper... err blog. I need to just record it and type it later.

I’m really liking this music list thing. I turned on a random song thing so each time you come here you’ll hear different song, supposedly. Quite a diverse selection. Makes me wish I could burn these to a CD or MP3 player and take them on the road.

Bye for now, serious post coming...






Oh yeah... does everyone use a reader these days??? No one has commented on the new template/background (lack there of) I did a few weeks ago.
*crickets chirp*
*guess everyone is gone for Christmas Vacation*


Jan said...

Well, Dave, you know we love you. I noticed your new template when you first did it, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I liked it then.

You've been so busy..don't worry that you are behind on blogging, or reading other'll get all caught up one of these days! :)

Anonymous said...

"It’s been 15 days (9 if you count the troll)"? Am I the "troll"? Come on, DNR, I've posted fairly, why cant you admit that you deleted my last posts, because you couldnt/wouldnt handle me? Would a troll take so much time, presenting points to you and your fellow commentators?

Delete this if you must, but do you ever think, that you only weep so much at PGR's missions, because deep down, you WANT to weep? Whithout ever thinking, about the "other" side, you know, the side that weeps too, when one of your heroes "does his job" and kills, bombs, maims, people that have a weeping father/mother/brother/sister, too?

Do you ever think about them, in your self-righteous, "proud" moments, at all?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else hear a sound like Charlie Brown's teacher?! "Blah, blah? Blah, blah, blah, blah!!"


A. Jones, have you NOTHING better to do with your life? Seriously? Cuz it seems that if you CARE so much, maybe you should take your sorry ass out of that computer chair, sell your laptop or computer or whatever, buy yourself a ticket to Iraq and maybe volunteer your time and self righteous attitude to doing something like....ohhhh....being a human shield. THAT would be a worthwhile use of your time!!

Anonymous said...

I did notice the template change. Nice.

Glad you came by. I was starting to think maybe you didn't like me anymore (j/k).

Good to see ya!

DNR said...

Jan - You’re so sweet!! I should have known you wouldn’t give me a ration of crap. I’m off work form the 22nd to the 3rd... so hopefully I’ll catch up then.

LL - wind... I hear a distant wind... maybe it was a fart. Sure does stink around here some times.

Freddie - Good to see you too!! Hopefully after the new year I’ll be around more often.

.... - I told you to e-mail me.

Nancy said...

I like the new look Dave, I've been so busy shopping and wrapping, I've not had much time for reading at all.

We lost a young man from our area recently. Meanwhile, my sis in law is preparing for her son to come home on leave just after the holidays.

Keep warm Dave, and watch out for black ice on the road.