Monday, June 30, 2008

Anti-Bucket List

”Yeah, if ya get that far, then suddenly decide that you need to make a list of shit to do just before you eat your final shitburger; your life wasn't much worth living in the first place.” - dick (snagged from hoosierboy’s “FAT IN INDIANA” comments)

dick is right on. If you wait till then... it IS too too late. hb has the right idea, an “Anti-Bucket List”. Although not as extensive as his and some nearly the same as his, here is mine.

1. been to Scotland and seen the home of Robert Burns (great, great uncle) and seen the festivities in Edinburgh.
2. raised (assisted my wife) two wonderful young men
3. ridden to Washington DC with Rolling Thunder and 400,000 other bikers Patriots
4. attended the internment of a Vietnam Veteran at Arlington National Cemetery
5. held and said good bye to a beloved pet family member as he went to sleep for the last time
6. mentored several in my profession and am proudly watching them succeed
7. been to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the Badlands
8. ridden to Lake Superior
9. attended my sons graduation from Marine Boot Camp
10. loved and been loved by a strong woman
11. built and lived in my dream house
12. looked in the eye of the mother and father of a fallen soldier, thanked them, hugged them and cried with them


hoosierboy said...

2. raised (assisted my wife) two wonderful young men

10. loved and been loved by a strong woman

Those two right there point to a successful life.

Kat in GA said...

Hey, I've done number 4 and number 11! What else have I done?


1. Becoming addicted to riding motorcycles.

2. Obtained (very, very) minor injury from #1, lol (now know what NOT to do when... LOL)

3. Greeted planefulls of returning Marines from the Sandbox.

4. Met some of America's greatest heroes, the Tuskeegee Airmen

5. Met more of America's greatest heroes - our troops and their families

6. Founded a non-profit corporation ( ~ sort of by accident, lol

7. Received phone calls from a desert 10,000 miles away.

8. Taught myself to cook and bake - from scratch.

9. Taught myself to cross-stitch and make scrapbooks.

10. Been blessed with amazing and wonderful friends who are really more like family!

Kat said...

ooops, sorry, I meant I've done #4 and #12, not 11, lol.