Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Killer Red Bird

Oooo!! No wait, I do have something.

Another fucked up dream. Ok, ready... (this is so weird)

I’m looking out an open window, it is very high. There is one of those fake balcony things, you know the railing and what not but you can’t get out on it.

Any way, the balcony thing is large, like 12 feet long and 3 feet from the outside wall. Hovering there at the fake balcony edge, like ridding an updraft, is a red bird. A Cardinal. Just filtering back and fourth about 3 feet in front of me.

About this time I notice he is holding another bird in his claws/feet. It is not dead, he is holding it by the head. It’s not fighting but I can see it blinking. The red bird lands on the railing and kills it and eats it.

All the while I’m screaming for him to stop, leave, don’t kill the little bird but I am completely ignored. As if I’m not there, invisible or he knows I’m not a threat.

I woke myself up yelling.


Anonymous said...

That is one f-ed up dream boy!!!!!!

Stephen King would have a field day with your mind.LOL

Pink Icing said...

woah - stressful

You certainly do have some off the wall dreams. What DO you do before bed???

DNR said...

PP - Think I could make money?

Pink - Hummm... Nothing out of the ordinary, little TV some news.

Between this one and the one with the killer sheep alien, I've been told; "I see an injustice in the world around me. (not necessarily a murder but an abuse, or mistreatment) I am trying everything I can to stop it but it is not stopping."

Dazd said...

Too many hotwings before bed. Need to drink more beer to dilute them. :)

DNR said...

Dazd - HA! Maybe more whisky!!