Monday, April 02, 2007

Sun Shine

The sun shone beautifully here yesterday, especially in the morning.

The sun burns my skin. My fair Scottish roots have not served me well as protection form UV, ‘a’ nor ‘b’. When a foolish child, I spent my share of hours lying in the sun, to get that ‘glow’ or perfect tan. I have also burnt myself so bad that I got sick, blisters the size of silver dollars… within 12 hours, and a headache that throbbed with every beat of my heart, every beat made my head feel like it would explode.

Yesterday, I took my winter bleached white self out and sat in the sun. At the time it was about 68 degrees with a 20 mph wind. It was surprisingly warm. In seconds, I closed my eyes and turned to face the sun, removed my shirt and sat there admiring the glowing orbs I could see through my eye-lids. Simply feeling the warmth soak into my bones. Like hearing the voice and seeing the face of a long missed dear friend, it was good for the soul.

I have been burnt enough that I can tell when enough rays have struck me. My skins starts to tingle and is oddly warm. My exposed cheeks were first to say ‘enough’. (Unlike my avatar, I am fully bearded now. It’s a winter thing.) Barely 15 minutes and this long missed friend had worn out his welcome. Much longer and I would burn.

I returned to the UV safety of the house, all windows open as far as winters swelling would allow. I lounged most of the day, doing only what chores needed doing. Catching what things were blown off tables and counter tops, watching the cats and dogs, each in turn, visiting with our friend the sun, warming their bones and then going to whatever chores they might have.

The sun shone beautifully here yesterday, it was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful weekend.

How was yours?


Kathy said...


here in Long Beach, CA the sun shone beautifully yesterday and today! We had some unusally hot weather in the 90*s, i think that might mean a hot summer.


Kat said...

My weekend was FABULOUS.

Two adopted soldiers visited (one for the whole weekend thru!).

A "Feel-good mission" Memorial Garden Dedication with the PGr.

What more could you ask for???? :-)

wander by "Yikes!" later tonight for post & pics. :)

DNR said...

Kathy - Doesn't the sun always shine in SoCal? Glad you had a good weekend.

Kat - I knew you were going to have good one. Been watching your cookie burning escapades. LOL!!!

Dick said...

It was a great day for working in the yard here in DFW. Even managed to score some blog fodder out of it for tomorrow.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

I've definitely been enjoying this weather DNR, but have you seen our forcast for the rest of this week? Only in Indiana I tell ya! No coat one day, and a winter coat the next.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, mine was pretty nice too.

Kat said...

Working on post now, DNR... had to upload a billion pics to photobucket.... LOL patience, my leathr-clad friend!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Blisters the size of silver dollars? And you have Scottish roots? Are you suicidal?

Ordinary Janet said...

It was great weather, wasn't it? Don't forget that sunshine gives you Vitamin D and helps your bones. I was building up my supply until it got cold. I still have freckles, though, I hope they last till the weather warms up again-maybe in a couple of months...