Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm Baaack!!!

Left Indy Wednesday at 9 am. Back Tuesday at 7 pm.
1,700+ miles on a motorcycle.
90+ pictures.

I need to get some sleep in my own bed and a shower… a long hot shower.

Very sorry to keep you all waiting, but I will post pictures and some stories tomorrow.


Kat said...

Only 90 pics? ha - i had 212! ;) LOL

reminds me....did I send you the link? sending it now.....

Get some rest - lots of rest - I'm still exhausted and we got home saturday.

Dazd said...

Glad you had a great trip...and a safe one too.

Looking forward to stories and pics.

DNR said...

Yeah, I know 90 is nothing. Camera battery died and the zoom seems to be blury (camera is sticky...) So I stopped takeing so many. A bunch of good shots did not turn out. One other lady in our group has over 400 so I'll have plenty.

PS: New post in progress.

Tanie said...

1700 miles on a motorcycle?? I am sooooo jealous!!