Monday, May 21, 2007


Here is a couple shots out of my 25th floor hotel room looking down on Times Square.

A Church and The Empire State Building from the 12th floor/roof of a building on 5th Ave. We had a party/open house here. Also, check the cool lighting...

Some of the pictures that are on display at the WTC subway stop

And finaly a couple pics at the WTC rebuilding project.

All of these picture belong to this post.

Of course click any image for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these pics. The arwork and the little girl...

Still hurts.

DNR said...

You’re right Freddie, it still hurts.

There was 300-400 people walking around/through there when I was there. There was 3 of us looking at the pictures... I didn’t notice the other 2, but I was deffinatly crying. The place is like holy ground.

Judy said...

Thanks for the photos, DNR.

My son lives in Brooklyn now (formerly in Manhattan), so we get to the "The City" a couple of times a year. He had been in the WTC on the friday before 9/11 and was scheduled to return there on 9/12.

On a visit just after subway service was restored to the damaged station we were on a PATH train coming back from a museum in New Jersey. It passed under the Hudson River and suddenly emerged in the daylight of the WTC site. We were stunned silent, departed the train and walked quietly past the art work, all memories of the museum superceded by the experience.