Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Saturday Catch-Up

OK, I'm lame. Last Friday was my last day at work and I've not been on the computer since Friday evening... so let me catch up a few things.

Last Saturday, the 17th, I did some Thanksgiving things. Wait... let me back up some more.

Last Thanksgiving (Nov 2006) I read this.

It has to be one of the most moving and profound things I have ever read. Jay at "Kill the Goat" is an incredible writer, she makes me laugh and think with each and every post she makes.

Anyway... After reading that last year I promised myself I would do more. I am blessed, we have plenty. I wanted to do more.

So, Saturday morning, this year, I met with some other volunteers at a food bank and delivered Thanksgiving dinners. I got to personally deliver to 6 elderly or poor families living around here. They were big ole banana boxes stuffed with apples, butter, rice, ham (canned) and 3 loafs of bread among many other things.

Hearing, "Oh, come on in. Aren't you a dear", made me smile. We were instructed to ask if they wanted us to place the boxes on a counter or table top. (there was no way they could lift these boxes). "Happy Thanksgiving" as I'd leave the homes. They were smiling form ear to ear and waving like one of their relatives was leaving after a visit.

I know, it was nothing major. But I did help in a small way. Going to do it again for Christmas.

That was from 0730 to 1000.

After that I went home and got the bike and headed to the south side of Indianapolis to meet some other PGR members. See, though a huge group of like mined individuals, we gathered several hundred Christmas stockings and 'goodies' to be sent to the troops. All together we stuffed (yes stuffed, the 'fixed price' boxes could barely be taped shut) 430 boxes to be be sent to our troops. We loaded them onto a trailer and shipped them out. The Indiana PGR paid the shipping.

It was a great morning!!!

I spent the reset of the day riding around southern Indiana. Guess I put about 250 miles on her Saturday, got home about 2200.

Posting for me is going to be hit or miss over the holiday, soooo if I don't talk... errrr read you before then, have a great Thanksgiving and please, thank a soldier.


Anonymous said...

You are a sweet guy!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Jan said...

dnr..I knew there was a reason I think you're great! You have a heart as big as...well, I can't think of anything big enough!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my dear friend!

Kat said...

Happy Thanksgiving to my friend and PGR brother. :)

(((hugs))) from Loganville, GA.