Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Writing escapes me right now... how about a brain dump?

Our VP of sales was let go yesterday. “no need for you in our go forward plan” he was told... He’s a great guy. He will be missed. I wish him well

The holidays are fast approaching, last year I had no Christmas spirit. I don’t think we put up any decorations. Did a tree, our fake tree (YUCK!!) I hate fake trees but with cats and dogs, you have a fake tree or little piles of thrown up pine needles all around the house *urp* especially if you step in/on one heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Thanks giving... makes me another year older. Not THE day (this year), close enough that it is every once in a while.

Diets suck. I hit 259 almost a month ago and can’t seem to get to 249. I need to exorcise more...

body clock is FUCKED up. Even if I get 3 hours of sleep on a work night I get a second wind about 9-10pm then I’m up then 1:30. If I get lots of sleep, heh, forgetaboutit, I might as while stay up all night.

Headache.... this is like the second or third day in a row with this killer head ache. Feels like it is in the top of my head. And there is a pressure that feels like my nose and eyes are going to explode. Sinuses, right?
Every time I get a headache, I think about that scene in “Kindergarten Cop” when some little kids say the teacher’s headache is a tumor and Schwartzniger says “It’s not a tumor” in that thick Austrian accent. Hahahahaha

Coffee, I need coffee.

I’ll work on a flash back post for ya. Later!


Dazd said...

Dazed Over the Holidays is posted at my site...check it out!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and I have the same shitty sleep patterns. Sucks!

I hope your headache goes away sweetie.

DNR said...

Dazd - That has to be the coolest thing I have heard in weeks. I soooo hope I can make it!!

PP - Hummm... I always thought it was the rest of the planet that was screwed up.
It is bearable now.

Jan said...

dnr..I know what you mean about the sleep, I got out of kilter with that while taking care of my mom, and just haven't been able to be normal since then.

Sounds like you probably do have a sinus infection, which will probably need some antibiotics.

I hate to see my bud not feeling well! :)

Anonymous said...

You'd better make it! I don't make it back to Indiana often and this might be one of the few chances I get to attend one of these things. Besides, if Goldbloom comes, you can see me harrass her. hehehe

steph said...

Oh man let go just before the holiday season. That's rough.

Yes diets do suck. But when they start to work you feel great, don't you? I mean, after you get over the "I'm going to kill and eat the next person who crosses my path" thing.

DNR said...

Jan - Sleep is over rated...

I know, I hate going to the Drs, $60 bucks so I can go tot eh drug store and spend another $50 on pills... GRRRrrrrr!!!

Thanks, Jan. You’re too nice.

Drags??? - holy cow!! You haven’t been around here (at least commenting) in weeks. Thanks for stopping by. And I will do everything I can to be there... and if it is not snowing (anything else, rain, cold...) I will ride the bike.
Heh, I can’t imagine seeing a Drags vs Goldbloom smack down, Dazd should sell tickets!!!

Queen - shit yeah it sucks, but he is... well off. He’ll be ok, I know it.

You started this diet thing ya know... and yeah, I get that “I'm going to kill and eat the next person who crosses my path" thing about an hour before each meal

Anonymous said...

DNR, I'm all sneaky like that. lol
And if Goldbloom shows up, you'll see why people sometimes refer to us as the female Bob and Tom. :)