Friday, March 28, 2008

Ten Things from betme's Place

WOW!! Did that bring back some memories. I read this at betme’s place last night. You’ll need to go read hers for some of these to make since.

1 - My mom says I would wonder off in the grocery store all of the time at the ripe old age of 4. Hands crossed behind my back just looking all around. Says if she didn’t come look for me, I’d never miss her. Even then I was very independent.

2 - Maybe guys learn to protect their private parts sooner. I ALWAYS swung a leg over while standing on the peddle. (gettgin off and on) Even on smaller bikes.

Is that a peddle on the handle bars of your pic??

3 - Our ‘throwing wars’ were green apples. There was a place about a mile from the house that had about 10 acres of green apple trees. They were about the size of golf balls and every bit as hard... unless you could find a rotted one!!

4 - We always went to grandmas for vacation. Have been to Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the Bad Lands in the RV a few years ago. (when gas was under $2 f’n bucks) Hope to get back soon on the bike.

5 - We swung a tire swing AT the tree. The objective was to spin your friend at the tree and try to make them hit the tree. You got to swing until you hit the tree, then switched... Led to many a bloody arms, knees and shoulders.

6 - heh!! I bought Aerosmith’s “Night in the Ruts”. Never did show my folks the back. Two of the letters were crossed out and the title then read “Right in the Nuts”. The guys were naked too... I think.

7 - We lived on a hill. Felt like you could get up to 30 mph on a skateboard. I left MANY pounds of flesh on that road. Surprised there aren’t rocks imbedded in my knees, elbows and face!

8 - We didn’t have snow drifts quite that high. We did, however, dig snow forts and tunnels in the piles at the end of the driveway and in parking lots. We’d sit in a small dug out hole with 8-10 feet of packed ice and show above us. Every once in a while you’d hear a car loose it and run into the show pack... it would rain ice for a few seconds, everyone holding their breath. Then we’d all bust out laughing.

Yes, the thrill of getting killed was VERY entertaining.

9 - There is something very therapeutic about poking a fire, stirring the coals and burning things.

Ya know, if you knock on the door of an old farm house (the kind that had the key-hole that went all the way through) and waited to hear the foot steps get just close enough... you could use the “hair-spray-flame-thrower” as entertainment... Light it and aim it into the key-hole. The screams could shatter glass and you better run your ass out of there, FAST... at least that is what I’ve heard. What...?

10 - I still hate chores.

Oh Shit!!! From what I learned yesterday and what K said, you better tell LL not to come over here... That last pic may do her in!


Betme said...

1. I think most country kids are more independent because we are left to figure things out on our own.

2.I learned the hard way.

3. Oh, I can imagine the black eyes.

4. We are looking at bikes!

5. AND we seldom stopped playing just because we were bleeding.

6. Long live Rock-n-Roll

7. I have the scars.

8. Snow forts are the best!

9. I still play in the fire place.

10. can't say that I love them either.

k said...

heh heh heh!

Yeah, it could run her off for a while. That and mice. Meeses. Those cute little scampery things.

I bet rats would do it too, but I forget if the subject has ever come up.

Every now and then, when she has a Snake issue, I treat her to a totally humorless diatribe on snakes. I've covered, let's yes, it's encoded in our DNA to fear them but it's much more sensible to know which ones are dangerous...Ya know. The usual.

I don't think I've gone into the value of snakes eating rodents before. That's my ace up my sleeve.

Not to mention, one day I'll write it funny instead of deadpan serious. Another ace.

Don't tell. I'm waiting for the Right Moment. ;-)

Pink Icing said...

just checking you're still doing okay....