Friday, May 30, 2008

Fw: Fwd: FW: Prom Day in the Hood

EDIT - none of the pics made it... I'll have to work on this. These are too funny!!!
Please stay tuned...
Gawd I hope these photos attach... the comments came with the pictures... I have nothing to add.
As this time of year rolls around it always takes me back to High School and Prom time.........

Just when you think you've seen it all
Prom Day in 'Da Hood' !!

Jar Jar, Lord Fauntleroy and Gunga Din ... take note
of the numerous police vehicles and the ambulance!

Prom dresses sure have changed
since I was in high school !

What is that around her neck?

Why all the 'POleece' in the background?

There is a Buick with missing seat covers somewhere in The Hood .

He stole that hat from Boy George ....

Do these dresses make our asses look fat?
(No, your asses make these dresses look fat!)

What's holding those up?

No comment

Who's Yo Daddy?



The token white guy.


Yes, that is a helicopter on her head...

And, last but not least:


Anonymous said...

umm...could be my puter...but I don't think the pics attached.

Anonymous said...

hummm..maybe you could decrease the size to smaller and then insert click to embiggen?

Just a thought.