Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Memorial Weekend

Gov Daniels was instrumental in passing Indiana’s law restricting protests at funerals. Basically, it does not disallow them but limits them to “ending one hour before and not restarting until one hour after the actual service” and “they can only gather on public propriety”. Most of the schools are in residential neighborhoods and the nearest ‘public’ place has been as much as a mile away.

This law has kept the UGs (Uninvited Guests) away. So much so that we don’t really see them in Indiana any more.

Even if you disagree with most of his political view points and policies, he did right by our heros. And for that I was honored when I was invited to ride with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels in the Indianapolis 500 Race Parade.

This is my wife and I in front of the Governor’s residence just before we rode down to the parade staging area.


Betme said...

What a fantastic way to spend Memorial Day. Ya'll Rock!

Pink Icing said...

Cute! Is that the Governor in the middle?
As you say, in spite of any politics he supports the Boys Overseas and you and the wife were happy to support the parade.
Nice going

Preposterous Ponderings said...

How awesome!

You are the best!


Looking good! :o)

kat said...

We don't see them much in GA either anymore...thankfully. they pop up from time to time, but i've never actually seen them myself in the almost 2 yrs i've been w/ pgr.