Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Ride

Me and DC are going to see some parts of the contry on our bikes this summer. We're meeting in Kansas City and will leave there Sunday afternoon. the goal is to be back in Indy by the following Saturday. Of course we'll start here in Indy. This round trip route is 3,929 miles. The B to C leg is just under 1,000 miles. With exits and what not it should exceed 1k. That will earn us the Iron Ass award.

The fun starts July 20. this is just a proposed route... things could change.

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It's gonna be a blast!!

Wish you could join us.


Pink Icing said...

Hi you - just dropping by cos I haven't seen ya for a while. And blow me down, look what ya up to!!

Oh boy am i jealous. Have a blast.... I'm with you in spirit

B Matthews said...

Hey! Any chance you could swing down to SC and say hello? I bet the Blue Ridge Parkway would be a blast on a bike. And it'd be great to see you!

The trip looks awesome regardless! Hope y'all have a great time!!

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great summer.

You know you can feel free to e-mail me pics of the iron asses. ;o)

Kat said...

oooh... i'm like SO jealous! have fun and BE SAFE!

DNR said...

tanie - Yeah, I’m still around. Read your “The end of Civilisation” post a while ago and was speechless. Wish I could have said something profound.

The ride is gonna be a blast! Last years was too, got to meet a couple bloggers... hopefully this year too. You coming back to the states in July by any chance??

B - ha, no, sorry. A southern state swing is in the plans for next summer. But.. I’m always open. Last year I went to my brothers in E. Tennessee on a whim, so anything is possible. May have to get your cell just incase I happen to get close.

PP - Should be GREAT!! Gonna be heading east at some point too....
I will send post lots of pics, promise.

Kat - Thanks, we will. Promise.

ARTEMIS said...

Holy shit DNR... almost 4K miles in 7 days!!! You better stock up on the frozen peas now cuz you gonna need them for WEEKS afterwards. And don't forget to take pics! :)

Pink Icing said...

Was hoping to get over to the States in July but have broken my thumb and i'm kinda out of action...! Must check your dates, you never know

Nancy said...

Okay, next summer you come down to Houston!

Have a good, safe, exciting and fun trip.

Betme said...

OMG I would love to hit the road like that! I hope you are planning on taking tons of pics for those of us stuck in our cubbies at work.