Thursday, December 18, 2008



Under the veil of anonymity some choose to release a triad of anti comments. Anti comments being just that, they are against whatever the blog owner has said; be it conservative or liberal; pro gun or anti-abortion; waxed smooth of full on natural, they disagree and believe you need to know it. One has to wonder, do they seek out a blog and subject to pick on? Do they look for a link someplace and launch an attack? To what end? I mean what is the purpose? Should I be mad? Should I post cuss words back at them so they can grin and boast that they have hurt my feelings? Do I post pictures of my tears and call them ‘bully’? heh, I make myself laugh.

Trust me when I say, “Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!”, and you are not nor will you ever be ‘my friend’. You are a coward.

‘Anonymous’ has chosen these posts (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) to slander and assault *cough* me, though I do find the attempts humorous. Much like a heavy weight prize fighter would find the bantering jabs of his diapered, snotty nosed 3 year old. Humorous in the feeble attempt, laughing at the fact that they mean nothing.

There is even a complement in there, back handed as it may be, yet it still strikes my funny bone.

I must ask, do you or any of your troll brethren think you really bother me? Do you really believe that your powers of persuasion and your mastery of the English language are so superior that in 500 or so words you will change the core of my being?

Surely you know you are only lying to yourself.

This is my house, my blog, my journal. It is written for me. Everyone is welcome to read and even comment. But behind the veil of anonymity… please. Did your parents not teach you some level of respect for others? Alas, I suspect not. If they did, it has been lost on the empty space between your ears. Still, I bet they ARE proud…

Here, you know my name, my e-mail and many personal things about me. Yet you choose to reveal nothing. Lending nothing to your credibility. Because I know nothing about you, I choose to dub thee Scarlet. (Tom was taken) Not the southern lady in the infamous movie of old but the color, the deep dark sometimes black color of blood soaked rags. You know, the effervescent cloth layered with the stench of decay and rot that can only come from life that has not succeeded. Yes Scarlet, you are the discarded pad that is thrown away several times a day by nearly every woman in the world… about once a month. For that is all the longer you will last. Next year I will still be here, writing. You will be gone and forgotten thrown away with the putrid refuse, to be consumed by the starving dogs of your own hatred.

Believe me when I say, “Scarlet, I don’t give a damn”, that it is about you, your beliefs and the European country you rot in. You are not welcome here. You are not my friend. I will not keep you around here any longer than any lady keeps her rags.

Any more fantasy words of persuasion you care to share should be limited to your own blog, for your own mother. Because, really? Who else cares?


DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

Well said brother! Truly a person that has nothing but criticism about someone else's blog has to be a unhappy person within.
Scarlet....start your own blog with your own writings....I'm sure you will gain other unhappy souls that will follow your writings.
(You do know how to start a blog don't you?)
We may have a few problems here in the USA, but we are the top few percent in wealth in the world. (Even those of us that work for someone else)

Nancy said...


I'd call it Gutless Idiot.

I think anyone who leaves a negative comment..and in this case, multiple comments(!)...and doesn't have the manners, honor or courage to put their real name to the comment, well, that commenter negates its own position.

Kat said...



Anonymous said...

DNR, you're fairly anonymous too, at least to me. This is all I know about you: you're american; you're a biker; you support your troops; you're currently unemployed. There are millions of DNRs there, as far as I know.

I can give you the same background about myself: I'm european; I drive a car; I have nothing but contempt for your country and your troops; I'm currently employed.

We see each other as stereotypes (you - american moron, me - eurotrash). Our issues are political and, to some extent, cultural, not personal. If I tell you my name, what difference will it make?

I didnt insult you - YOU felt insulted, because you cant handle criticism.

If you own a blog just to receive your buddies' comments and giggles, then I'm sorry, but you should inform that beforehand.

You cant have it both ways: either you have a public blog, or you must aknowledge that you're an idiot that refuses to discuss anything with your readers.


og said...

Except, anonymous, you ARE eurotrash, and we don't care. Go surrender to someone.

DNR said...

Since Og beat me to commenting on this comment I’ll leave it… this time.

BUT, scarlet, let me restate; you are not worth my time. I will not leave you bloody mess laying around for others to gasp at again.

Even in these days when I have 14-18 hours a day with very little to do.


DNR said...

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DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

Scarlet...You should be more thankful of the USA....... you dont have to fly a German flag.
Thats OK. You dont need to thank us. Your not smart enough to know better!
Have a nice life OVER THERE!

Anonymous said...
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DNR said...

Lord what a bloody mess.

Hopefully I got it cleaned up before too many had to see it.

Anonymous said...
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