Thursday, December 04, 2008


Sometimes you choose change, sometimes it is forced upon you.

I was working on a 'bad blogger' post trying summarize all of the things that have been going on, what I've been doing.


Today, my boss showed up unannounced.

As of 2:45 today, me and my position at JLG have been eliminated.
It is going to get interesting over the next couple months.

Maybe I'll have more time to blog, maybe I won't want to blog.

Time will tell.


LL said...

Hang tough. You're in my thoughts and prayers, sugar!!

M said...

Damn DNR!

But can I just say... sometimes change seems like it's going to suck ass,

And it turns out to be the best damn thing that ever happened to you. (speaking from personal experience!)

I'm cheering for you up here!

Jan said...

DNR..that's awful, but like M said, sometimes the things that happen turn out to be for our good.

I've always heard it said, that for every door that closes, another opens.

You will be in the prayers going up at our house.

Preposterous Ponderings said...

Holy shit!

Oh man I am so sorry to hear that. Things happen for a reason. It may be for the best.

Hang in there buddy.It will all work out sooner or later.

If you feel like bitching to someone I'm your lady.

Take care! Big hugs to you.

og said...

Dude, let me know what's going on, OK? Also, send em a letter with a resume. I might be able to tell you places you can take it.

Anonymous said...

So... you basically got fired, because you got caught writing shit up for your blog, instead of actually doing what you were paid to do?

And you want pity?

Wizened Wizard said...


Well, I was hoping for some better news on your blog. I'm so sorry. All I can offer is that sometimes a forced job or career change leads to a better place. Not always, but it does often happen that way. Maybe eventually you'll look back and say thanks to JLG for closing one door so you could open another. And maybe I'm simply an f'ing Pollyanna out of touch with reality - but I don't think so.

"Have a wonderful holiday season" sounds a bit callous right now, but I'll say it anyway: The best to you and yours, and especially my wish for safe-keeping for your son. May you share love, peace and a happy Christmas season.


Kat said...

dude... I totally sympathize... I can't believe I'm just now reading this, yikes!

(((hugs))) and prayers!

og said...

hey, anonymous, you anencephalic coward, isn't there some homework you should be doing? Mommy's gonna be awful upset you were messing with her computer. She might make you sleep in the closet again.

Shit, DNR, where the fuck do you find these asstards?