Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching up

Wow! Has it really been over a week… 5th to 15th, guess so.

With no job you probably are wondering what I am doing… Had to do one of the hardest things ever last Monday. KF, the facility manager, had me come back in after 5:00 pm and empty my desk.

Computer files and paper files took over 2 hours and I forgot one whole drawer. Got friends on the inside that will get the last few things for me. 17 years of work life fits, albeit, not so neatly, in the trunk of my car… plus one box on the back seat and one on the front seat. Slept till noon Tuesday, that was a bad day.

I think I know what depression feels like.

I just got the boxes out of the car today. Still can’t stand to look at or in them.

What else… Oh yeah! Saturday the 6th the IPGR had it annual Christmas party. The missus agreed to drive me home so I had a few. By 11:00 I was, how could I describe it, aahhh, yes “Shit Faced”! I haven’t seen any photographic evidence but I think it is out there. If I find some, I’ll post them. I remember a Hairy chest contest, barely. Missus says I won. Somewhere in there I was relegated to water. And some one (D who shall remain nameless C) has this physical anomaly when he does shots, his nipples get hard (so he says, I personal have not witnessed this oddity of nature). All of the wimmen folks had to feel this condition and confirm it was true. Then Angle (a guy) commented on ‘not getting to feel’ and was acting all pouty… I lost it. And of course it was just as I had taken a big mouthful of water. I blew, a.k.a. showered, everyone with mouth spray and about choked myself. Just in case she reads this, Dawn, I am SOOoooo sorry. (She caught the majority of it on the back of her head.) hahah ahem…. *snort* I really am sorry. *wipes tear*

Good times!

The ex-co-workers had a ‘going away thing’ for me at a local tavern on Wednesday. I don’t know why everyone thinks I want to do shots… It was a good time. Got to say g’bye to everyone. The 4th, the last day at work, was a, ‘by, see ya’ thing. They wouldn’t let me back to my desk, just wanted me out the door.

My half brother surprised us by coming to town the end of last week, so we had dinner with him. It’s been about 3 years since we’ve gotten together; it was good to see him. The wife says we are sooo alike, it’s scary. Makes one wonder how much of your personality is genetic and not learned. We grew up in separate families but we look more alike and act more alike than my full blood brother. Weird.

Went to the local Steelers bar this Sunday. Good gawd what a nail biter. Still a little horse from all of the screaming.

That brings us pretty much current.
I'm throwing resumes at everything I can right now. I did get a severance but it will run out, and that make knots in my stomach.


Kat said...

yep, i understand. Glad you had a bit of fun tossed in there somewhere, tho! :)

Hang tuff, dude.

DCsporty (AKA SpeedBump) said...

(your jealous)

Dazd said...

I'm positive that was TMI on DC.

Hang tough man..will get you to the 1500 to forget the troubles. Who knows, maybe even the range soon!

Nancy said...

Aww man, I just got caught up. I'm so sorry. 'Pup was done that way too, in October of 2005. It sucks big time, and it's not going to be fun, but you will find a new job.