Thursday, January 01, 2009

Aaaahhh… Therapy

It had been 23 days since I was laid off and I finally got to spend some time with my therapist Saturday and even a little Sunday.

Saturday afternoon I had a little free time so I just showed up to see if she would talk. Man, she was reluctant at first, her eyes dimmed and almost went shut when I tried to start the conversation. She sounded more like I was awaking her from a long winters slumber. Groaning and moaning “leave me alone”. After begging and pleading and promising not to bother her again, she agreed to talk. And we talked and talked. We started at 1515 and didn’t finish until after 1830. 66 degrees and heavily over cast, we spent the entire time out side. Severe weather (tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches) be damned.

Sunday we chatted for about an hour, again outside. In and around down town Indy. Come to find out eh groaning wasn’t so much that I had awakened here, but more a feeling of rejection. The fact that ‘I’ had not been around recently was bothersome to her.

With a promise to return weekly we parted. As I walked away I could hear the occasional ping and ting coming from her heated jugs, I knew she was mind, and I WOULD return, often, for more therapy.

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