Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DNR IS alive, really

So… how are you guys doing?



A couple weeks ago the missus and I made it to the Indy 1500 gun and knife show. She picked up a Sig Mosquito .22 and I got a Taurus PT111, 9mm. We both have agreed, the next fair weekend day, we’re hitting the range. Even if we have to drive all the way to Camp Atterbury.

This extended vacation shit is getting old. I think I’m at 6 weeks now. It’s been freezing ass cold around here too. I know, I know nothing like Wisconsin or them other ‘real’ north states but for central Indiana, sub zero is ridiculous. Been making the ol’ furnace run non stop. Gas bill next month is gonna be nice…

What else?

Oh yea, the big coil spring on the garage door broke. It’s amazing how much you take those for granted. I’ll bet our double insulated door is 250 pounds. You know what that means, right…? Broke the garage door opener *sigh* some cheap ass plastic part that they don’t make a replacement for.

Last months gas bill was over $400, fixing the spring thing was almost $200, the new opener was $180 (I installed it or that would have been another $110). Can’t help but wonder what’s next. Don’t karma and fate know about the job situation here?

Speaking of the job situation, funny thing about the lighting industry, there ain’t much in Indiana.

Tomorrow I head out for my bi-annual trip to Kansas City. Then off to an interview. Yep, the first face to face interview. I’ve had several phone interviews… 30 minutes, 45 minutes, some over an hour. I know this because I’ve actually gone over on my cell minutes. Which sucks to the tune of $.45 a minute. Damn Verizon!

Anyway, the interview is in Connecticut, New Haven actually. The home of Yale… yippee. The wonderful interweb tells me there is a 32-36% increase in the cost of living between here and there. The big kicker is housing, it is 45% higher there. That’s just great.

Wow, I just read back through this post… things really aren’t as bad as this makes them sound. Hell, I stay up past mid-night, sleep in til 8, 9 sometimes even 10. I surf the web and watch TV all day. It’s great.

Miss you all, hope to make some rounds here soon.

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