Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review Guide

I love to go to the movies. I always get the biggest popcorn and one of those gonzo large drinks. I try to get there early and get the best seat (centered on the screen), I love the previews just about as much as the actual movie. Our movie night almost always include dinner. Usually a favorite place but sometimes we go to a new place.

Since we go out so often, I got this crazy idea to try writing reviews of movies and restaurants. *crickets chirping*

I never liked the stars system especially with the half stars. I mean come on, half stars, just make it a 10 point scale. Still, stars don’t speak to me. Neither do thumbs. What does, you ask? Money. These days, a movie for two, drinks and snacks cost you $50 bucks. That’s a pile of change. Thus, my review scale will be related to how worth the price the movie was.

Movie Review Scale

GO - Fantastic movie, worth the price and a must see on the big screen.
Matinee - not worth the $10-$12 I spent but you’ll miss some of the experience not seeing it on a big screen. Take a rainy Saturday after noon and go to the matinee.
Wait - Wait for the video to come out. Ok for basic entertainment.
Gag - I have wasted my money. Don’t waste yours.

Restaurant Review Scale

WOW - Food was great, service was great. Over all a great experience. Has become one of our new regular stops.
OK - Something was amiss, food, service, whinny kids in the next booth. May go back, everyone can have a bad day.
NO - Something was amiss, again (second try). We’re done. If I go back it will be because someone else is buying and I still won't like it.
YUCK - Many things were screwed up and screwed up so bad that I won’t go back.

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