Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Stuff

The video card on my work PC went out a few weeks ...errr months ago and I've been forced to work at 1280x1024. Now granted it's only about 15% reduction from my normal 1600x1200 but jeesee cow! So much stuff didn't fit right on my monitor. I almost feel like I have a new toy.


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My son sent me this. Yeah, I'm a fan. Grew up with Speed. I remember walking through the store following my mom, pretending my hand was the Mock 5 and making the "chuuu chuuu chuu" sound as I jumped it from clothes rack to towels to... Could you imagine driving a real one, or even one that looks real... *sigh*
Yes, I own the DVD of the series, the movie (which I saw in I-MAX) is on my Christmas list. heh. The DVD box I have even has a button on the case that makes the Mock 5's lights flash and it plays the theme song.


A local business donated 40+/- cases of microwavable "Bankruptcy Popcorn" to the IPGR. Got it delivered to the warehouse we are using. It will be packed into care packages soon. So... if you’re over there (in the sandbox) and get "Bankruptcy Popcorn", it's not a joke, it is good popcorn. Consequently we are having a packing party Saturday. If you're not busy and in the area... let me know.

What else...

Oh Yeah.


Last Saturday we had the Troop Family Day at Grissom AFB. DC and I ran the Tattoo booth. Granted it was temporary tattoos but great fun none the less. Last year the base family support group donated that tats. Lots of little kids things, butterflies, lions, dinosaurs, races cars and some basic American flags.

This year... I wanted to get some of the older kids and maybe even some parents involved. I bought some more edgy tats for them. They were a hit. I know I did at least 2 guys that were 18 or older. One had lots of ink already on his arm and he got one of my wizard/skulls on the inside of his fore arm.

These were the big hits;

The wizard is about 7" tall, the rebel flag is about 4.5" tall, the USAF tat is about 2" wide.
If you are looking for some great tats I got them from here and here.

Tell them DNR sent ya.

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