Friday, September 19, 2008

So Far...

I received this from our (Indiana Patriot Guard Riders) State Captain Monday (the 12th); As of 9/12/2008 we had sent or paid to be sent approximately 1000 care packages overseas to our troops. On 9/13/2008 we sent another 2000 pounds of care packages to our troops overseas.

We have another 2000 pounds of care packages that we will send hopefully sometime this week.

So in total, after the next sending, we will have sent approximately 9000 pounds of care packages to our troops. Each and everyone involved in this, whether it was at a fund raiser - giving or working - or helping packing or repacking your efforts have made the lives and service of our troops overseas somewhat easier and in doing so they know that we care.

Our Indiana Cares Project that was undertaken this summer for our troops was a huge effort and success. To many people and businesses to mention one by one but each of you know who you are and who the businesses were that stepped up. God Bless each of you for what you do.

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