Thursday, September 25, 2008

What the F’hell

You have got to be kidding me.

Ok, come into work Monday and the scuttle around the building is someone stole two lap tops. The little IBM think pad type things. Right off of peoples desks.

Fast-forward to late Monday afternoon and were sitting in one of the conference rooms where there is video conference equipment, two computers and one of those big screen projectors.

So, we’re trying to get the vid-conf thing working but there is no remote. The camera doesn’t have buttons so we can’t operate the thing without it. A quick call to IT and the help desk and Jess comes in. She follows suit and looks under the table, in the corner.. (we already had). Then she remarks, “Well, you could just use the projector.... Where’s the projector?”

Theory being that the thief or thieves took it too and the vid conf remote because the projector remote is still sitting on the table. Dumb assess!

Now, fast-forward to late in the afternoon and one of the lab monkeys (that’s what we call out lab techs) send out an all company e-mail;

Hope everyone enjoyed their lunch this afternoon.

To the person who dug into the pizza that I brought with me today for lunch [his lunch is late in the day] that was in the refrigerator in the office break room........ Next time you chew off my crusts, peel off the pepperoni, and then throw the nasty remains back into the box (without closing it back up) just go ahead and take the whole slice with you and enjoy lunch on me!!!

Thank you and have a peach of a day!!


Can’t believe someone would do that after all of the other thieving. People just need to get some manners and leave other people’s shit alone.

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