Monday, September 29, 2008

My Office

For being Monday, today has been full of laughs.


Observed in customer service;
One CS rep taking a tall stack of documents, orders, shipping paperwork, etc and dividing them into relevant groups and stapling them together. 5-10 sheets of paper per stack.
In the next cube is the CS clerk taking said stacks and pulling the staples out so she can stack them in one big stack and scan them.


Over heard in the men’s room;
I was at a bar once and this guy cam out of the bathroom with one of these urinal biscuit. He dropped it on the pool table and we all started playing hockey with it. Everything is going well until one guy pulls back to deliver a slap stick and shatters the thing into a million pieces.
The stench was incredible and went everywhere, including into our drinks.


Yeah, it’s a job, but you gotta love the people.

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