Monday, March 05, 2007

F’ing Taxes

I hate doing our taxes. I’ve done them now for 25 years. It always chaps my ass at how much of my pay the Government gets. I’ve resolved doing these gawd damned taxes to be an evil I can’t defeat. (Maybe I should declare myself a religion and a church…) I usually end up putting it off till the last day. We get a refund. I should do it February 1st.

Twice I’ve f’d them up BAD.

Once, listening to everyone say ‘you shouldn’t let the government hold your money, they aren’t paying you any interest’… yeah, no shit. So, I got all wise and ‘adjusted’ my with-holding so I could be plus or minus $100… Can you say F’dUp.?? That year I owed $2,500. I had to go to Citi and borrow money to pay my damn taxes!! I was SOOOO pissed at my self. I swore that will NEVER happen again. Now I get a big return, no interest paid to me but I’m not paying any interest on the back amount either.

I said twice? Yep.

For about 2 years we had a rental house. Good gawd what a mess that was. You better not have much else going on if you’re going to manager rental property. One of those years I deducted the interest from the rental mortgage from our income and from the expenses for the ‘business’. Oh boy did we have a big return that year… about 9 months later the IRS sends me a letter… “you did this and we believe you are wrong. If you can prove it you have 30 days if not…you owe us plus interest” (fucking interest). We sold the rental shortly there after.

Fucking taxes, why can’t we just have a national sales tax and skip all of this gawd damned paperwork?


Dazd said...

So don't hold back...tell us how you really feel.

dragonlady474 said...

I feel your pain. Tax time is always a nail biter for us too.