Sunday, March 04, 2007

Love Our Children

I want to re-state what was said here.

We become so accustomed with our daily routines. A quick kiss and g-bye, “see you tonight”. And we are off to our day, doing the crap that we think is important.

5 times in Enterprise (now 8, I hear), those were possibley the last words spoken to a son, daughter, mother or father in Enterprise, AL. Friday night my youngest son spent the night at a friends. I groggily told him have a good day from the up stairs bathroom Friday morning. (he leaves for school before I get up). I didn't see him again until late Saturday.

God forbid, kids of 18 being kids, should something happen. I’m pretty sure he knows I love him. World be damned I’m gonna tell him and be sure he KNOWS!!

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Jean said...

Good for you... do it!
(found you through Freddie)