Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dumbass Press

I got this link from a Minnesota PGR member. HERE there is a poll on the right, feel free to express your right to vote. You can vote and see the results right after but after that you’ll need to register. Fucking paper!!

Must have caught me in a bad mood, I shot this off to the author already. Really can’t stand reporting half truths. Everything from motorcycle deaths, drug use, hand guns, to Iraq and Afghanistan.



You know, you writer types that present half truths to distort a story just to make people gasp piss me off!! Report all of the facts, PLEASE!!

“200 percent increase from a decade ago,” but if the ownership has risen 300 percent then the overall rate has gone down. How many owners are there now compared to a decade ago?

What about alcohol? Of the 24 “motorcycle related deaths” this year how many had been drinking? If they had been drinking and riding, they are dumbasses and have done us all a favor by thinning the herd.

What about the other half of the accidents??
Was it a car?
Was it the car drivers fault?
Was the driver of the car drunk?

Do you even ride a motorcycle? And just so you know $20K and 200 miles doesn’t make you a ‘rider’. I’ve ridden almost 10k miles (yes, 10,000) since December.



Tanie said...

yeah... you tell him like it is!

og said...

Fire it up, amigo. Then let's go crack some heads.

Damn, I wish you lived closer. I'm still a little shaky, bike wise, and I wish I had someone to go with so I could do some real-road work. A bit afraid on my own.