Friday, July 06, 2007

Operation Arrowhead Ripper

I watch the news almost nightly. I watch with a great deal of distrust and skepticism the reports on the war and Iraq. See, mixed in with my sarcasm, I’m a bit cynical. And analytical, and in watching the news, something don’t add up.

I personally know 4 or 5 guys that are back from, going to (one for a second time) or are in Iraq. I also know, second hand, several hundred (probably thousands but I’d be hard pressed to prove it) that are back from, going to or are in Iraq. To a man, they would go back or so they say. I also know one that has volunteered twice to be part of an attachment with a special mission for a year but for seniority or short straw reasons he has been turned down... Too many others had volunteered. (ahem... *clears lump in throat* makes me VERY proud and scared shitless)

Now, again with my syndical side, I think, maybe they are towing the company line and being told to say that for the ‘moral of their brothers’, or else... BUT the 4 or 5 I know personally are friends, one is family. And the volunteer... guess he’s just a proud American too. I expect they all are being truthful with me.

So, today a friend sent me a link to a story on Fox News which was a trimmed down version of this Go here. Go, it’s a long read, I’ll wait.

*hums while rolling fingers*

On one had there is the mass media saying one thing and on the other there is the troops saying the opposite. Now I find a free lace reporter that agrees with the troops. He can see what we are doing first hand and reports on it, not just the explosions and blood that is seen on the first day and as reported by the main stream media. My understanding (so far) is that he imbeds into the city and reports there for days, maybe even weeks.

I think I found a new daily MUST read. If for nothing else to balance out the TV and mass media.


Dazd said...

Thats why he's on my blogroll...damn honest reading!

Dirk_Star said...

Please help me to help Al Gore save the planet.

Queen of Dysfunction said...

I really like this guy's writing style!

My dad has already been over and is gearing up to go again (only to Afghanistan and not back to Iraq), plus I have a cousin who has served multiple tours. I am constantly amazed and the stark difference between their experiences and what is being reported in the papers. Although I will concede that their experiences aren't nearly as dramatic and probably wouldn't sell many papers.

Wizened Wizard said...

There's something about Michael Yon that smells a bit off to me. I've been poking around Google, and he shows up in places I would be ashamed to be associated with...

There's this one: with the blog description, "Dreams Into Lightning provides news and views from a culturally liberal, politically neoconservative perspective."

Michael Yon's June 22nd piece is the feature on

"[Bruce]Willis has said that he wants to 'make a pro-war film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy'.[3] The film will follow members of Deuce Four, the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry, who spent considerable time in Mosul and were decorated heavily for it. The film is to be based on the writings of blogger Michael Yon, a former United States Army Special Forces Green Beret who was embedded with Deuce Four and sent regular dispatches about their heroics." Don't get me started on what an asshole Bruce Willis is.

From excerpts of an interview with Yon: "Yon is a former Special Forces soldier. He was charged with killing a man in a barroom brawl, but all the charges were subsequently dismissed when it was determined that he had acted in self-defense. (Well, isn't he a fine fellow...)

There's very little to be found on his life and politics; most of the items that turn up in a Google search are written by conservatives or people who are blogging about something by Yon that they have read. Could some independent journalist become imbedded with troops in Iraq without White House/military assistance? There is no doubt in my mind that the White House loves Michael Yon, and the cynical me suspects that if someone could dig into this story they would find a carefully hidden link between the current administration and Michael Yon.

I take no issue with the good-heartedness and courage of American soldiers. I do question whether a former Special Forces Green Beret embedded with American forces could provide a truly independent and unbiased accounting of the war.

It seems to me there is no honest reporting these days, not for or against the war, not from Yon or anyone else, but I suspect that Mr. Yon is a neo-con clothed in a costume of neutrality.

DNR, I seem to write long comments to you. You seek the truth, you do the good, and I respect and like you. We are all struggling with what is right and good or noble and necessary. There needs to be discussion and open-mindedness (which perhaps I lack...), and although we come from different perspectives and experience, I do believe we both believe in the same basic ideals and have the same hopes and fears.

Keep ridin' and keep writin'!


Dirk_Star said...


I've talked to some young people who have returned from Iraq too. they would do anything in their power to never go back.

Unfortunately George Bush's back door draft keeps sending the same people back to fight over and over again.

Maybe this is his way of not reinstating the draft so all of his rich buddy friends do not have to fight as equal partners with the rest of our kids.

President Bush's original justification for this war was, Weapons of Mass destruction. Then it changed to, helping to foster the spread of democracy in the Middle East.

As so many young soldiers have said to me, "we are not wanted by anyone in the Iraqi country. We are not wanted by the radicals who blame us for every ill in their society, nor are we wanted by the peace seeking civilians caught in the middle of an endless conflict between the warring parties."

This is the time to cut our losses and bring our troops home...

Kat said...

I've been reading Michael Yon since he was with the Duece 4, way back when. He is an excellent writer! :)

Dazd said...

You've been tagged.