Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello from Kansas City Missouri!!!

I took this picture yesterday at the airport waiting for my hotel shuttle. I thought it was unique and kinda inspiring. The flight in was a little rough and from the looks of the ground and trees there had been some strong winds and rain in the area less than an hour ago.

About 2 years ago I took a class offered by the
Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS). It was a 3 day weather class.

We learned about thunder storms, tornados, funnel clouds, straight line winds and hail sizes among other things. The class was intense and for me, extremely fascinating. Upon completion I received registration/certification as a ‘Storm Spotter’.

Basically, all that means is when the tornado sirens go off, I get to grab my handy-talky (HAM radio) and head for a place (safe and out of the way of danger) and watch the storm. *grin*

I’ve always had a fascination with storms, especially tornado and sever lightning. My engineering background and basic knowledge of electricity gives me a great respect and childish fascination with the amount of energy generated by the wind and colliding air masses.

If I have my way, some day the tornado video you see on the 6 o’clock news will be mine!!


Kat said...

ooh, i've been to KC before! :)

It was a LOT of fun. :)

Kat said...

and - that is SO COOL tht you get to be a storm spotter now.... is that anything like the movie TWister?! :)~

og said...

Dang, I didn't know you were a ham. Kilo Bravo niner, tango xray romeo. 73!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

How cool is that?

I am officially jealous. I have always wanted to see a tornado as close as possible while still maintaing a semi-sane distance.

If you do get photos of a tornado or severe storm are you going to post them? Can I see?

DNR said...

Kat - Cool story. I’m not here for anything so cool.
Storm spotting is way cool and like most things from Hollywood it is nothing like the movie.

Og - (dang?? Watch you language will you!) ROTFLMAO!!!
It’s not a ‘passion’ I do it for county EMA work and storm spotting.
kilo charlie niner kilo golf romeo. 73s back at ya.

Queenie - I’m sure my ‘sane safe distance’ is very different that yours. When I was a kid, I wanted to buy a plexy glass dome and lay under it while a tornado went over me. I’d still love to but I know it’s a little more difficult than that.

Freddie said...

Love that photo.

clintbird said...

DNR, I've lived in Overland Park, KS (just across state line from KC, MO) for about 18 years now. Not only do we see skies like that on a routine basis, we constantly have some of the best sunsets anywhere. If you're into such things, you should ride through for a few days sometime.

Wizened Wizard said...

I think I might qualify as a storm spotter...