Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What Was I Thinking?!!

I went to bed last night and could not stop thinking “infarction”... WTF!! My brain had to make that word up. Infraction, I’ve heard of, but farc. Jeese.

Guess what I was thinking about as soon as the alarm went off at 6 am ... radial infarction, cranial inFARCtion. SHIT, this is going to drive me batty.

So, in an effort to ease my brain, I looked it up... it IS a word.

medicine, an infarction is the process resulting in a macroscopic area of necrotic tissue in some organ caused by loss of adequate blood supply. Supplying arteries may be blocked from within by some obstruction (e.g. a blood clot or cholesterol deposit), or may be mechanically compressed or ruptured by trauma.
Infarction is commonly associated with
atherosclerosis, where an atherosclerotic plaque ruptures, a thrombus forms on the surface occluding the blood flow and occasionally forming an embolus that occludes other blood vessels downstream. Infarction can also involve mechanical blockage of the blood supply, such as when part of the gut herniates or twists.

Good Lord, I hope this fixes me, I’d hate to have to look up all of those multi syllable words, I’ll never get any work done. Guess this is what I get for watching all of those Medical Examiner (Dr. G.) shows on Discovery.

What do you do to get a word or song out of your head?


Dazd said...

You forgot myocardial infarction.

Just thought I'd help...

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

And of course there is always Splenic infarction! hehehe

DNR said...


You two are NOT helping!!

Dazd - i know where you live so hush.

Mrs JGB - Don't you have packing to do... I'll bet you forgot something. You know you did!!

Queen of Dysfunction said...

Heh heh, you said "infarction".

Kat said...

I think "embolism" is now stuck in my head...great...thanx a lot! :-/

Nancy said...

Well... to change the word, how about Cranial Rectal Impaction?