Friday, October 19, 2007


It’s been a year... wow! Yippee frick’n skipy!!

Everything I really wanted to say about today I kinda said here.

I’ve met (is reading someone’s blog considered ‘meeting’ them? I’m still such a grasshopper) so many interesting and fascinating people out here. No, I'm not going t list everyone, i know I'd forget someone and that would suck. Just check the blogroll and know that's about half of what I read.

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting over the last 12 months. It’s been fun, it’s been real and it’s been real fun.

It took me 364.75 days, but I think I finally broke out of my blog-fathers circle. I met Preposterous Ponderings and Tequila Mockingbird yesterday. They’re not on his blog roll... Great writers, go check them out. Be sure you swallow your coffee first. I’m not responsible for monitor damage or nasaly discharge of your lunch, m’k?

As my gift to you I was going to label all of my posts so you could find like-stuff easier (Zen, jokes, missions, etc) but the weather just won’t cooperate. Too many nice days and the bike, she just keeps calling me...

“Look, the sun is out! We could get in 200 miles before dark, and another 50 after sunset!! Come on big guy, you know you want to ride me...”
See how she is?!? heh, hell yea I like to rider her... I swear I can hear her start purring in the garage sometimes.

Wait, this isn’t a bike post.... where was I...
Oh yeah... so I keep riding on nice weather weekends and haven’t done the great blogaversery post or the labeling. And this weekend, it’s gonna be in the 70s Saturday and 80s Sunday. Hoping for a thousand miles this weekend. We’ll see.

One year summary:
5,589 visitors
8,721 page views
232 posts

I added a few humming bird pics to Pho Tog, let me know what you think.


Jan said...

Happy Anniversary!

I'm certainly glad to have made your acquaintance!

Ralphd00d said...

Happy Blogoversary! Look forward to more of these from you!

LL said...

Congratulations! That first year is a great milestone.

Dazd said...

Congrats Grasshopper on your one year milestone!

Looking forward to the coming year!

Freddie said...

Happy happy.

DNR said...

Jan - Thanks!! You are too sweet!!

ralphd00d - Thanks, should be more!!

LL - It has been a good year!!!

Dazd - should be interesting...

Jay said...

Happy blogaversary to you - and many more to come, I hope.

DNR said...

Freddie - thank you, thank you!!!

Jay - Many more, I hope so too. Thanks!!

ARTEMIS said...

Oh HAPPY DAY!!!! Aren't you a big boy for only being a 1 yr old!! ;)

Keep up the great posts. Starting Monday I have a whole new set of co-workers to cry in front of, so I would like to just make an ass of myself right away and get it over with if possible. :)

Merelyme said...

hey happy anniversary! how shall we celebrate?

DNR said...

Artemis - Thanks!! And yes, I AM a big boy.

Can't wait to read your first impressions from the new office.

merelyme - With a ride of course, you should join me some day!!

Tanie said...

so glad to have 'met' you
Keep writing

Ordinary Janet said...