Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me, Meme's n' Og

Og played the Evolution meme!!! Go check it out!!!

OK... so Og made up and tagged me with his own meme.
I sit in awe.
My answers are below.
As the author, you don’t have to answer, so I guess he’s off the hook. If you read this consider yourself tagged.


The Og Meme

Who is your favorite midget?
He who fits in my hand...

Goat, or chicken?

235-75R15 or 235-60R17?
235-60R17 but I really like 235-50VR17

If thirty hookers each use four tubes of K-Y jelly per shift, using 1/4 tube per john, what is the likelihood of Nancy Pelosi ever getting laid outside of a leper colony? Show your work.
Ummmm.... Yes!!

Fetches la vache.
Remettez la vache!!

"Freude Schone gotterfunken, tochter aus Elysium". Solve for X.
Rache des Vaters für funken Tochter!

Sing the scrotum song in a high falsetto in a mens room in Philadelphia. Write an essay on the reaction this engenders.
I’ll take the 5th on this one!!

1 comment:

og said...

Now stand on a stump naked while a bear on stilts slaps you in the face with a dead mackerel, and you'll be good to go.