Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Meme

Another Meme

Jan at Vinegar and Honey tagged me with a meme. Thanks Jan... I have found that memes are a great way to lean about other folks and that some blogers just don’t like them. Jan says this is her first meme and having to look up the word 'meme'. I remember that experience.... (here)

Explain how your blog has evolved and site 5 posts that back up your claims.
Why did you call your blog ____?
Tag 5 others.

Hummm... (I hate essay questions!!)

I started bloging to keep a friends (Dazd of Dazd and Confzd From Here) readers updated on his medical condition. The earliest post on that topic was my second post (here). Do you consider this a 'real' post? If not, then that was my first post.

I’m not sure I have changed or evolved much in my first year. I still have an occasional observation (older one, newer one) and I still talk about our fallen soldiers and the emotions I experience at PGR rides and gatherings (older, newer). I still have a bit of a smart ass take on things. If anything has evolved I feel a little freer to express my thoughts and I must confess my language has gotten a little more raw. (old, new)

I think my readers have changed. The group that started here were my friends friends. They seem to have left, at least they have stopped commenting *wonders why*. Perhaps because I don’t comment on their blogs very much any more.

What has evolved is my involvement in a digital record of things around me. “What...?” started out as my only outlet, now I have 3 others. Click on my profile link and you’ll find 2 of the others. The 4th is... a super secrete blog. Things there are... different. Anonymity has it’s rewards. *grin*

Why did I call this thing “What...?!?” and I’ll add why is the URL ‘ihadtoputsomething’;
Sombody once coughed and coughe when I said I’m something of a smart-ass. guess he thinks I'm a full blown smart-ass. So, “What...?” just fits.

What? Did I say that? Did I think that out loud...???
What? Like you weren’t thinking it!!
What? Did I really read/hear/see that?

So many different inflections and punctuations give one word so many different meanings. Like I said, it fits.

The URL is just a basic expression of my smart-assedness. Guess I could have gone with ‘whatdidisaythat’ but hadn’t decided on the title when the blogger site wanted a URL. I still remember thinking, “this needs to be something easy to remember, easy to spell... I have to put something... but what?.... ‘I have to put something’ heh heh, ‘ihadtoputsomething’!! Cool!! That’s it!!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

The tagged;
Dazed - (the blog-father) this should be interesting.
Og - I pretty sure he hates memes and doesn’t play. His spin on this should be great, if he plays along.
Freddie - I think I know her answers. She is a great writer and her answers will inspire.
LL - I don’t think she likes to play the meme game either, but we’ll see. Another that should be enlightening.
Dick - He has left the blog-o-sphere. I miss his whit, humor and un-apologetic take on so many things. I know he is still around, lurking and reading. Maybe he’ll post in comments. One meme he did a few months back was the most hilarious thing I ever read.


Anonymous said...

Being as lazy as I am, I was kinda hoping to avoid this one. This will take time, and thinking, but, for you?

I will do it. (And I thank you for your kind words.)

DNR said...

Aahhh shucks Freddie... Just for me... *looks down and scratches toe in the sand*

Kat said...

Yay, Memes! I LOVE memes! :) Will make sure to run around and read everyone's answers later tonight! :)

Jan said...

dnr..I just knew you would do me proud!

Anonymous said...

No, I don't do memes. But I will do this one, if you can get Freddie to post a picture of herself in assless chaps.

In other words, no. But thanks for the invite!

Anonymous said...

Done. And I'll post the pic in assless chaps for Og if that will help! *grin* I AM wearing boyshorts though. haha

Anonymous said...

Ha! You first, Og. (Apparently you know me better than I thought.)

I'm working on it DNR.

Dazd said... DO NOT wanna see me in assless chaps.

I'll work on it...might be next week before its posted.

DNR said...

Kat - hope you enjoy all of the answers... someone will tag you, you could just ‘tag’ yourself...

Jan - Thanks, glad you liked it.

Og - HA HA!!

LL - Thanks for playing. (OG!! Come on!!! How can you still say no???)

Freddie - Ummm... NO, PLEASE!!! Not Og first. hahaha!!!
I understand, took me 2 or 3 days to go back through posts and find everything.

Dazd - You know, I don’t even want to know if you own ‘assless chaps’, little lone see you in them!!!
Take you time, like I told Freddie, took me a few days to get it done.

Dazd said...

hahaha I don't own any and don't reckon I ever will. Unless when I get old and senile the grandkids dress grandpa up for laughs.

Anonymous said...

LL, you can send chap submissions to mhardig at aol dot com.

Freddie, I'll show you mine if....

Jay said...

I like that.
You go, girl!