Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Saturday

Saturday... nothing went as planned. Had to stop by the shop and get some pics of the old bike. Still trying to get it re-built with out taking out a 2nd on the house. Should have been there 30 min max. We were there 90min... Frank, the owner is 60+ and can talk bikes all day. He knows so much and has such great stories. I just can't tell him 'I have to go'. Had to meet a co-worker in about 60 miles west of the bike shop. On the way we swung by my office and I showed Don around, again, should have been 20 min but we were there almost an hour. From the town out west, we had to be at Cam Atterbury at by 1 (about 110 miles south). We left Lebanon at 12:30... we didn't make it by 1. They (the SAR team we were to meet) were running late too, so this was ok. We were there to hide for some search dogs and had to leave at 4 to be about 75 miles north at 5. We left Atterbury at 5:45... Made it to Fishers by 6:30. Yep, 75 miles in 45 min.

250-300 miles, nothing goes as planned... It was a good day!


qofd said...

Ok, so what happens when you hide from search dogs? Do they usually find you? Sounds like fun...

Betme said...

I thought it was just us women who could turn a 15 minute chat into an hour or two gab fest. ;)

Sounds like you had a great day.

DNR said...

Queen - usually. DC (, my ride all over the country partner, was NOT found that weekend. He counts it as winning! LOL!! It was fun, they are always looking for volunteers to 'get lost'.

Betme - hey now!! We were talking serious man stuff!! No gabbing!! Jeesse!!
Loved your ‘Be Careful What You Ask For!’ post!!! Too funny!!!